Ann Coulter Knocks Down The Popularity Of Soccer

It is really loyal Ann Coulter knows best how to make headlines.

During this FIFA 2014 Brazil World Cup heat when all of America is celebrating a enrichment of Team USA in a knockout round, Coulter has slammed soccer as a whole in one of her latest articles on her website.

Ann Coulter Knocks Down The Popularity Of Soccer

The regressive columnist claims that flourishing seductiveness in a diversion can be pointer of dignified spoil of a nation.

She combined serve that people consider a win is an event of a Americans to put on a nationalistic hats detached from entertaining and celebration beer.

She writes, “Individual feat is not a large cause in soccer… In a genuine sport, players fail passes, chuck bricks and dump fly balls.”

The 52-year-old argues in a diversion of soccer censure is diluted and no one scores anyway. She also says that in it there are no heroes and also no losers. There are no accountability.

The publisher also bloody on miss of scoring in a diversion and also inability of regulating a hands.

The blonde didn’t stop here. She also grouped Beyonce’s recognition with it. She wrote, “The same people perplexing to pull soccer on Americans are a ones perfectionist that we adore HBO’s Girls, light-rail, Beyonce and Hillary Clinton.”

However, even with all a contingency in her suspicion a diversion soccer is throwing on. The USA vs. Portugal compare was most-watched soccer diversion in a story of a nation.