Arrests Made in a Shooting Death of Kindergartener in Los Angeles


California Highway Patrol officials announced they recovered a arms used to kill 6-year-old Aiden Leos on Jun 7, 2021. He was roving in his upholder chair behind his mom on a 55 Freeway when a bullet struck him in a behind on May 22. They also trust they have a car driven during a shooting

Law coercion requested a public’s assistance to assistance brand individuals, a male and a lady in a white Volkswagon sedan on that day. It appears as yet tips, along with notice and investigation, all had a purpose in identifying a suspects in a sharpened genocide of a kindergartener.

In a weeks that followed a shooting, officials perceived hundreds of tips by email or phone. A prerogative for an detain and self-assurance grew to half a million dollars, saved by internal businesses, county officials, family members, and donations.

During a press lecture on Monday afternoon, CHP officials reported they perceived a tip that enclosed an picture of a permit plate. After operative to raise a image, they were means to brand a couple. They dug into a couple’s backgrounds and were means to discern they were in a area of a sharpened during a time it occurred.

The dual sharpened suspects are Marcus Anthony Eriz (24) and Wynne Lee (23). They were taken into control during their chateau in Costa Mesa on Sunday.

Orange County Dist. Atty. Todd Spitzer

Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer pronounced a integrate would be arraigned on Tuesday. A preference on a charges opposite them would be done by then. He pronounced a DA’s bureau was reviewing a information and each authorised speculation in and with a evidence.

CHP Assistant Chief Donald Goodbrand concurred a information about a sharpened was “extremely helpful.” He did not wish to plead a prerogative and if someone would be authorised to explain a money.

While they found a gun suspicion to be used in a shooting, it was located in a chateau other than Eriz and Lee’s.

The CHP impounded a white 2018 Volkswagon Golf SportWagen SE as justification in a sharpened murder was purebred to Lee’s parents. It fits a vehicle’s outline suspicion to be driven by a suspects a day a kindergartener was killed.

The VW was purebred during an residence where Lee and her relatives lived formerly to mystify matters further. It was recovered from a Whittier residence where Eriz’s father lived decades ago, according to The Los Angeles Times examination of open records.

The sharpened victims’ mom told a military she believed a lady was pushing a VW and a male who is believed to have shot a lethal ammunition that resulted in a 6-year-old’s death. Law coercion officials trust Lee was a driver, and Eriz was in a newcomer chair sharpened a gun.

In a past few years, Eriz has perceived trade citations in Orange County. There have been during slightest 4 tickets, including one this past November, for not obeying line signs for high occupancy vehicles.

Moreover, his amicable media posts uncover he has believe of and owns firearms. One of a weapons shown on an Instagram comment owned by Eriz was able of sharpened a lethal round.

After a integrate is arraigned after today, Jun 8, this essay will be updated to simulate a Orange County District Attorney’s Office charges.

Written by Cathy Milne-Ware


The Los Angeles Times: Surveillance, images, tips led to detain in highway fury murdering of 6-year-old Aiden Leos; by Richard Winton

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