‘Big Shoot’ Cody Lee Opens Up With the ‘Sportscave’

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In the world of professional wrestling there are a lot of things that factor into it all. “Big Shoot” Cody Lee is an independent scene wrestler who is currently under the Impact Pro Wrestling banner. He has been a part of the promotion for the latter of just over two years. He went through their wrestling school with some of the promotion’s toughest stars. Lee began his professional career while still in college. While being at the IPW wrestling school he managed to push through with the understanding of realizing his true potential not just as a human being but as a wrestler. He revealed everything from becoming a wrestler to graduating college, and how COVID affected his performance.

“Big Shoot” Cody Lee sat down with the SportsCave Ring Generals explaining his journey and how he reacted to the changes in wrestling. “I recently took a hiatus and I am focusing on a total repackaging when I return through the doors of Impact Pro wrestling. I started during June 2020 during the time of where wrestling was not happening with fans and we were not sure if we would be returning. The attendance for even WWE’s WrestleMania was at zero when I started and it kind of gives me a unique background.”

Student v. Superstar

Big Shoot Cody LeeBig Shoot Cody Lee
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Big Shoot actually started his journey from his days back at his alma mater Iowa Wesleyan University. “Wesleyan really understood the fact of having classes, working, and being at the training facility. I am in love with wrestling and there were issues that I had that affected my mental [health] during this time frame.”  Lee’s time at Iowa Wesleyan was a crucial part of his development that time encouraged him to be more focused on his craft. In doing so it built him up with the time managing skills and the necessary factors of reaching his dream.

Lee battled a lot between his mental and physical well-being. The life of a pro wrestler is something of a rare occasion when you’re learning everything, not just life but also yourself. The amount of charisma and confidence that you need in that profession is something only very few have. They are known as your “Generational Talents” that can shape the future of any wrestling promotion.

Dreaming in Reality

Lee spoke to the sport’s cave about wrestlers that have mentored him and tried to guide him in certain ways down this path. “There are a lot of people I can name just a few especially the ones in my wrestling class. We gave everything we had sometimes you mess up but I ended up bouncing back. James Jefferies is one of those wrestlers that have been trying to help guide me because he’s a veteran of this business. I want the championships the records and etcetera but in due time.”

Lee began working more and more until June 2020 when he graduated from the wrestling school Impact Pro Wrestling. When he finished he realized that there was more to his story than what meets the eye. Following this Lee began able to focus on other things like being a resident assistant while in college and still supporting his biology class. “It’s good to know yourself you have to be willing to put in the work like I did. No, it was not easy at all balancing shows, work, life, and school was a lot for one person.”

Lee even gave us some insight into what type of wrestler he is and how it feels to be a part of living his dream. It’s safe to say that Lee is up next and will be chasing championship gold sooner than later.

Written by Semetrius Holmes


Interview: Sportscave Ring Generals

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