Chicago Pastor and Wife Viscously Attacked on a South Side


Pastor Timothy Johnson was outward cleaning his mother’s skill — in Fernwood, Chicago, Illinois — when he was viciously pounded by a masculine from a neighborhood. Johnson is a apportion during Salem Baptist Church. The remarkable conflict happened on May 1, 2021.

Johnson settled a masculine theme approached him charity to sell a integrate some watches. The Chicago priest declined a man’s proposal. Suddenly a South Side proprietor pounded Johnson with a trowel a priest had been using.

ChicagoDuring a infamous attack, a masculine think bit both of Johnson’s ears. The pastor’s mother attempted to assistance her father ensuing in her being beaten and both ears bitten. According to ABC Chicago, Johnson pronounced a conflict was “a extensive blow to my mother and family.” The pastor’s mother pronounced that her life had “been changed, 100%.”

Police responded to a occurrence and arrested Elijah Rule Prince, age 28. According to Cook County prosecutors, Prince allegedly told a officers a blood he was lonesome in was a “blood of peasants.”

Prince has been placed underneath psychiatric analysis during a internal hospital. He was not benefaction during his bond conference hold on Tuesday, May 4. According to a Chicago Sun-Times, a decider presiding over Prince’s initial justice coming suspicion he had been “listening to a fear movie.”

After Prince viciously pounded Johnson with a trowel he proceeded to punch a priest in a face. Prince afterwards gouged Johnson’s eyes with his fingers before satirical his ears and tip of his head. Prosecutors contend that Prince afterwards spits into a Chicago minister’s mouth.

At some indicate during a rumpus Prince tangled a three-inch retard into Johnson’s left eye. Upon conference a disturbance, Johnson’s mother rushed outside. According to prosecutors, Prince allegedly yanked her hair and gouged her eyes.

He afterwards bit her ears, ripping off “large chunks” before he squabble on her. After she fell to a belligerent Prince began to flog her regularly in a head.

The Chicago priest called 911 after he pulled a wooden retard out of his eye. Prince ran from a area after witnesses began to gather. Officers were means to locate a think a brief time after during a circuitously location.

Many people in a area are repelled and frightened by a infamous attack. Pastor Johnson and his mother have been dear total in a village for many years. The integrate has dedicated their lives to assisting others. It is tough to trust something so terrible could occur to them.

Written by Sheena Robertson


ABC Chicago: Chicago priest and mother brutally pounded on South Side; tools of ears bitten off; by Leah Hope

CBS Chicago: Pastor And Wife Recovering After Attacker Bit Off Parts Of Their Ears, Gouged Their Eyes In Vicious Beating; by Jim Williams

Featured and Top Image Courtesy of Inventorchris’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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