Chicago Public Schools Respond After Parents Protest Near Mayor’s Home


Chicago Public Schools have responded after relatives collected outward of Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s house. On a dusk of Monday, Sept. 13, 2021, internal relatives collected near  Lightfoot’s home to voice their opinion about remote learning. According to a parents, propagandize classrooms are packed and they feel remote training should be an choice for their children.

ChicagoThe COVID-19 pestilence has altered life completely. Many people feel remote training should be one of those changes; or during slightest should be an choice for them to have.

Recently, thousands of children have been sent home to quarantine due to probable COVID-19 bearing in packed classrooms. However, on going home they detected they did not have entrance to remote learning. This has caused good regard for these student’s parents; How are their children ostensible to learn?

Co-organizer of a rally, Cortney Ritsema, stated, “We wish a remote option.”

We’re not gentle promulgation them in chairman so we’ve been vagrant CPS for a remote option.

The Chicago Public School District responded in a matter saying, “The district’s hit tracing operation is operative around a time to … assistance … navigate instances of exposure.”

The district serve settled they  gave their principals accede “to flip classes to remote training while a full box review is being completed.” They combined that they are operative on a “contact tracing processes, boost staffing, and adjust to feedback from schools and parents.”

One parent, Maria Estrada, private her 12 and 9-year-old children from Chicago Public Schools after her comparison child was unprotected to COVID-19 on a initial day of school. According to ABC 7 Chicago, conjunction child has been vaccinated.

Estrada believes if a propagandize complement “had improved formulation and put a CARES supports to use we wouldn’t be in this situation.” She is endangered there might be ” a superspreader event.”

Officials with a schools settled they have been discreet of a student’s safety; that is because they sent so many students home. Chicago Public Schools have been operative on employing 15 some-more hit tracers to assistance with a caseload.

Written by Sheena Robertson


ABC 7 Chicago: Chicago Public Schools responds after relatives criticism nearby Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s home; by Diane Pathieu

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