Chromecast Gets Long Awaited Update

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Chromecast Updated!

Google has updated a first-generation Chromecast’s program for a initial time in years, with a uninformed turn of updates. Since 2013, Google has supposing a Chromecast array as a low-cost resolution to couple any TV to apps on your Android or iOS phone, creation it a intelligent TV.

The strange devices, or ones not built on Google TV, don’t accept visit upgrades since of Google’s Cast complement web-based technology.

This is generally loyal for a strange Chromecast, that has been around for 9 years and has outlived many $35 inclination many times over. To that end, a first-generation Chromecast hasn’t had a program updated by Google in some-more than 3 years.

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All New Upgrades

The 2013 device is being upgraded to chronicle 1.36.159268, according to Google’s support website (up from 1.36.157768). For those who still have a strange dongle, judging by a slight alteration to a chronicle number, not many will indeed change.

Google also published uninformed firmware for a 2018-first era Chromecast in a same set of upgrades. The fact that this updated firmware usually increases a chronicle series to 1.56.291998 (from 1.56.275994) suggests that not many has changed. This device’s many new refurbish was expelled in Apr of this year.

The built-in Chromecast support for Android TV has reportedly updated from chronicle 1.42.179832, expelled in 2020, all a approach to 1.56.292394, according to a same support page. Although even some-more new versions expelled recently, Chromecast support on Android TV and Google TV inclination appears updated many some-more consistently than a support website claims.

Google’s recover records for all 3 of a new updates merely contend “Bug fixes and improvements.”

Written By Lance Santoyo


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