Corrupt US Senate Passes Bill to Aid Wealthy Americans

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Wealthy Americans are Waiting as Long as Three Days to Buy New Vehicles; a Senate Takes Immediate Action

Computer chips are in brief supply in America. There is no risk to daily life, though for corporate America, this is a disaster. Their magisterial increase could knowledge a slight decline.

The car attention is suffering. Their business are being forced to wait as prolonged as 3 days to squeeze a new overpriced vehicle. Never fear — a U.S. Senate is here. It upheld a $280 billion rescue account for another vital house though can’t find a income to account concept medical for all. America is a business initial and a republic somewhere over down a list. Our plutocracy has a priorities, that do not embody a gratification of many of a nation’s people.

Democrats and Republicans comparison are fervent to bail out a richest companies in a world, though no one cares if a “mom and pop” grocery store was forced into bankruptcy. If millions of Americans are forced into poverty, incompetent to compensate vast medical bills, so what?

What is many engaging about his conditions is nonetheless a worried claims it is opposite to socialism, bailing out companies is socialism during a nazi level. Hypocrisy is abounding in Washington, and we have betrothed that “the law lives here,” and we will let a people know a truth.

These corporations, who are obliged for a stream “greedflation,” a flourishing inhabitant debt, and a expansion of income inequality, wish a supervision to solve their problems again and again. They should be forced to spend some of their possess increase to solve their possess problems.

As a 76-year-old male who has literally seen it all, we advise that we trust no one. Your government, a legal system, law enforcement, a overpaid personalities on radio news, and a reverend behind a lectern in your church, zero of them merit your support. They all distortion to we for personal gain.

Until a gratification of a American people receives priority over corporate profits, America is zero though a memory of improved times.

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The infancy of a nation’s people are during a forgiveness of those in power. We have no voice in Washington, and even a voting rights are underneath conflict by desirous politicians.

Our economy will never reanimate from a catastrophic failures of George W. Bush and Donald Trump. Democratic presidents who followed them were forced to use extreme methods to save a nation, though that’s not enough.

Republicans continue to quarrel opposite each bid to save a economy for destiny generations. Fair taxation is not on a table; all efforts to make a republic economically sound will not be enough, as “the celebration of no” has no seductiveness other than winning elections and convalescent power.

They wish to finish a drop of a country’s future, ensuring a delay of America’s plutocracy.

When a republic becomes a plutocracy, a supervision is not usually terminally corrupted; it becomes totally ineffective. This is where we are today. Less than 25 percent of a inaugurated officials are competent to reason their positions on Capitol Hill.

I guarantee we that this editorial opinion by one aged male who has followed politics for about 66 years is formed on fact and prudent observations over a lifetime.

America has changed. Everything we dignified in my younger years no longer exists. Politics is a many hurtful and outrageous contention in a universe since usually a few group and women keep a energy to control a lives of millions. Their personal ambitions take dominance over a needs of a 331 million.

All 3 branches of a supervision have turn depraved over a final 40+ years.

America needs a “do over.”

By James Turnage, Novelist


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