Diesel scrappage is BACK: How we could save £8,000 on a code NEW automobile | Cars | Life & Style

Diesel scrappage is good and truly behind with automobile makers opposite a UK charity clearly outrageous discounts to attract buyers looking to trade in aged diesel – and in some cases, petrol – cars.

But are these schemes as profitable as they initial appear, or would we be improved off offered your existent automobile and regulating a deduction towards a new car?

Nearly all of a vital manufacturers are charity some trade-in bonus for aged cars, generally diesels, with assets of adult to £8,000 available.

But you’ll need to do your homework. Many of a ‘best’ offers aren’t authorised in and with any other promotions, some of that might be distant some-more valuable. And be clever to check that manufacturers aren’t hiking their initial RRP prices to impractical levels – or restricting deals to a many costly models – before requesting apparently ‘generous’ discounts. 

As a minute beam next shows, some of a best offers now on offer also end within weeks, so we might need to act now to close in some of a many rival prices.


The “Audi scrappage incentive” is a LOT reduction lifeless than it sounds. The new intrigue is plainly pro-green and aims to boost sales of cleaner, some-more fuel-efficient cars. More importantly, it’s generous. Very, really generous. Only drivers of comparison diesel cars – initial purebred before 2010 – are eligible. But they can be any make supposing we determine to ascent to a new Audi that’s some-more fit in fuel expenditure and it has reduce emissions. A outrageous operation of cars are accessible to select from, including a Q2, Q3, Q5, Q7, A1, A2, A3, TT, A4 A6 and A7. In other words, probably each automobile Audi make. The biggest assets are, of course, usually accessible on a some-more costly cars in a operation (this is Audi, after all). But £6,000 off a ever-brilliant A4? Not to be sniffed at.

Save adult to £8,000: 

Runs until: Mar 31

More details: Audi scrappage


The Citroën scrappage intrigue is open to anyone with a automobile some-more than 7 years old, providing you’ve owned a automobile for during slightest 90 days. Buyers can save between £1,600 and £6,400 on a new Citroën automobile and adult to £7,000 on a blurb van. Almost a whole operation is included, from a teeny Citroën C1 city automobile to a Citroën C3 Aircross Compact SUV or a largest Relay van. You can trade in any make or model, petrol or diesel, though your scrappage bonus can’t be used with other, existent offers opposite a Citroën range.

Save adult to: £7,000

Runs until: Mar 31 2018

More details: Citroen scrappage


All of a new scrappage schemes have their rare possess manners and a Peugeot small-print will give we a headache, though could save we a fortune. It’s a good scheme, with really poignant assets of adult to £7,000 on vans and £6,000 on cars. But it’s usually open to drivers with vehicles some-more than 7 years old, providing it has been yours for during slightest 90 days. The association also promises to henceforth take all vehicles exchanged underneath a intrigue off a highway and throw them responsibly – so there’s no risk of a bloke down a pub pulling adult in your aged Focus. Almost all stream Peugeot newcomer cars, from a 108 city automobile to a award-winning 3008 SUV are included.

Save adult to: £7,000

Runs until: Mar 31

More details: Peugeot scrappage


The Ford ‘New For Old’ Scrappage Scheme offers drivers between £2,000 and £4,950 when we trade in your aged automobile for a new Ford automobile – and between £2,000 and £7,000 off a new blurb vehicle. Ford also pledges to throw your aged automobile responsibly. Well…you’d wish so! Old petrols and diesels purebred before a 1st Jan 2011 that you’ve owned for some-more than 90 days are eligible. As ever with scrappage, a understanding isn’t accessible in and with any other offers – though a outrageous operation of vehicles are accessible to select from including a new Fiesta, B-Max, Focus, C-Max, Grand C-Max and Kuga. It’s even improved for blurb drivers, with a limit £7,000 bonus accessible on a biggest Transits.

Save adult to: £7,000

Runs until: Mar 31

More details: Ford scrappage


If we have an aged petrol or diesel automobile that was purebred before Jan 2011 Hyundai will throw it and palm we between £1,500 and £5,000 off a new model. Available deals embody £2,000 off a renouned IONIQ Hybrid and £5,000 off a top-of-the operation Santa Fe SUV. The many polluting cars, those with Euro 1-3 emissions, will be scrapped and totally private from UK roads while those that are Euro 4-5 can also be traded in.

Save adult to: £5,000

Runs until: Mar 31

More details: Hyundai scrappage