Elon Musk Is In “Way Over His Head”

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Do What You Do Best

When we began essay in 2008, after my final “real” job, we took to heart a recommendation of some of my favorite authors. They common a singular rule: “Write what we know about.” Most of a time, we have followed their advice.

Men and women who run vast companies should follow a identical rule: “Don’t try a new try if we know zero about it.” we wish Elon Musk is reading this.

Social Media is a Waste of Time

First, I’m certain that if we have review my rants before, we are wakeful of a contempt we have for all amicable media. we feel it serves no purpose. If we wish to hit those we love, we do it directly. we do not know because millions of people need to surprise a ubiquitous open about their lives and their feelings. Most importantly, all amicable media can be used to brag others, and conflict others they do not determine with in words. Two things we do not do are to post on amicable media, or watch any of a feign radio news broadcasts. If we wish to be lied to, I’ll listen to a Republican on C-SPAN.

Elon Musk Wasted 44 Billion Dollars

That said, we wish to tell Elon Musk that he is a fool. Spending 44 billion dollars on twitter, that was already in “fail mode,” was ignorant. Even some-more ignorant is how in a ruin did he consider he could run such a site? He knows zero about anything other than engineering. He should hang with what he knows.

His failures are expediting twitter’s demise. After banishment thousands, and additional resignations. He is finding a mortal fact: no one who understands a operational necessities of chatter will work for a madman.

More Misinformation than Ever

Twitter has turn worse than it ever was. It is fortitude to concede misinformation about Covid-19. Recently it authorised nazi Marjorie Taylor Greene to post a following:

So many people still wearing masks.

I usually wish to ask you.

If a span of underwear, unequivocally thick ones, high peculiarity cotton, can’t strengthen we from a fart, afterwards how will a facade strengthen we from COVID??” 5:35 PM · Nov 28, 2022

Twitter formerly had a group of unchanging employees tasked with banning a posting of anything associated to child pornography. More than 50,000 accounts were closed. Today, usually a singular chairman stays from a strange charge force.

The militant attacks in Christchurch, New Zealand, 2019 were blocked. Twitter refused to concede a members to see footage of a comfortless events, fearing it would inspire other hate-filled morons to repeat a iniquitous acts. Musk authorised a broadcasts of a eventuality to atmosphere on his media.

Another Right-Wing Extremist Fake Information Tool

Musk’s Twitter appears to be disposition some-more to a distant right. He posted a design of his bedside table. On it were dual guns, and other uncertain items. His personal views support a nazi philosophies of Alex Jones, Matt Gaetz, Lauren Boebert, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and his mentor, Donald Trump.

Intelligence and Common Sense Cannot be Bought

Money can buy element items, though common sense, mental stability, and tellurian qualities such as bargain and care can't be purchased with money or credit.

By James Turnage, Author of “A Brother’s Revenge”


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