Facebook says phone numbers and personal user info accessed in confidence breach

Earlier, Facebook had pronounced that a confidence crack had influenced a accounts of as many as 50 million people.

However, distinct other vital hacks involving large companies, Facebook pronounced it had no skeleton to yield insurance services for endangered users.

The association set adult a website that a 2 billion tellurian users can use to check if their accounts have been accessed, and if so, accurately what information was stolen.

In a call with reporters on Friday, Facebook clamp boss of product government Guy Rosen minute a form of personal information enemy might have performed in what was expected a biggest information crack in a amicable networking giant’s history.

The amicable media association announced a crack Sep 28 and pronounced during a time 50 million users could have been exposed.

News of a penetrate emerged on 5 Oct when Facebook pronounced it feared 50m users had been affected.

It explained that 50 million people’s entrance tokens are believed to have been affected, and that 30 million of those indeed had their tokens stolen.

For one million of a token deprived, a enemy took no information. If your comment was not compromised, we will see a summary that reads “Based on what we’ve schooled so far, your Facebook comment has not been impacted by this confidence incident”.

That entrance let a enemy see a form of any account, including a News Feed, what people would post to their timeline, names of new Messenger conversations, and more.

Rosen reiterates that people’s accounts “have already been secured” by what Facebook did dual weeks behind when they stirred millions of users to reset a entrance tokens.

Facebook pronounced final month that it rescued a conflict when it beheld an uptick in user activity. “Access tokens are a homogeneous of digital keys that keep people logged in to Facebook so they don’t need to re-enter their cue each time they use a app”, according to Facebook.

Instead, stolen information on 14 million users enclosed birth-dates, employers, preparation and lists of friends. The enemy afterwards used some of those 400,000 accounts to take a entrance tokens from a sum of 30 million users. The association combined that people can check if they were influenced by visiting a Facebook Help Center.

But while Facebook was means to reduce a series of people affected, that’s cold comfort for a remaining 30 million.

Rosen would not contend that specific countries were impacted by a penetrate or that entities Facebook suspects were behind it.

Facebook’s lead European Union information regulator, a Irish Data Protection Commissioner, final week non-stop an review into a breach.

Once they had a tokens for a seed accounts, Rosen pronounced a enemy used a tokens to entrance a 400,000 accounts and deployed scripts to collect even some-more tokens during a incomparable and programmed scale.


The enemy used a “view as” smirch to crack a accounts of their friends, afterwards used a apparatus they grown to enhance to friends of friends and beyond.

Facebook pronounced it is operative with a FBI to examine a biggest penetrate in a history