FBI Seeks Help Finding Fugitive Charged With Killing Jaslyn Adams


Three group are suspects in a aroused murder of a 7-year-old lady in Jaslyn Adams and wounding her 29-year-old father, Jontae, as they waited in line during a McDonald’s drive-thru on Apr 18, 2021. One of a dual purported shooters fled Illinois to equivocate prosecution. The FBI expelled a presentation on May 13 that they find a public’s assistance in locating 21-year-old Devontay Davoucci Anderson.

FBIBy withdrawal a state, he faces a sovereign assign of wrong moody from Chicago to equivocate assign in Jaslyn’s killing. The assign opposite Anderson was filed on Apr 26 and was hermetic until sovereign prosecutors changed a have it unblocked on Wednesday, May 12, observant a FBI needs assistance to find him.

Cook County’s justice annals uncover an detain aver filed charging Anderson with first-degree murder on Apr 29.

Anderson has connectors in Florida, Illinois, and Indiana, according to a FBI. He is also famous to use a nicknames Moneybag and Vontay. He could be regulating his initial and final name with or though his center initial.

The FBI offering a $10,000 prerogative for information heading to his detain and conviction. Below are Anderson’s birthdate and outline as listed on a agency’s wanted poster:

FBIHe uses May 24, 1999, for his date of birth; he was innate in Illinois. According to a FBI wanted sheet, Anderson is a Black masculine with black hair and brownish-red eyes; his estimated tallness is 5-foot-5 to 5-foot-6 inches, and his weight is reported to be 150-160 pounds.

The usually specifying symbol remarkable is a tiny tattoo over his right eyebrow — collateral letters created in script.

The FBI warns Anderson should be deliberate armed and dangerous. Anyone with information concerning Anderson, greatfully hit a internal FBI bureau or a nearest American Embassy or Consulate.

April 18 Shooting Details

Anderson and dual other group have been charged for their partial in a aroused shooting. The Cook County assign papers prove notice video from a McDonald’s on a dilemma of Kedzie and West Roosevelt Road showed a china Audi with a paper permit image lift into a drive-thru behind a victim’s car.

Two of a group in a admirably discolored Audi jumped out and, regulating a .40-caliber handgun, and AK-47 dismissed shots into a Adams’ automobile afterwards jumped behind into their car. Prosecutors added, they wore hoodies that lonesome their faces. When a victim’s Infiniti began to pierce forward, a span got out of their Audi again and dismissed into a car. They returned to their automobile and sped away.

Jaslyn died from being shot mixed times, and Jontae was severely bleeding though survived. He was after identified as a squad member, according to FBI documents.

Anderson’s purported accomplices are 21-year-old Demond Goudy and 18-year-old Marion Lewis. The censure settled Anderson used a AK-47 pistol and Goudy a .40-caliber handgun while Lewis remained in a Audi while during slightest 45 shots were dismissed into a victim’s Infiniti — formed on a series of bombard casings found during a scene.

Prosecutors pronounced Jontae was famous to Lewis, as he had been threatened by a think before. Lewis was tracked down regulating his Facebook page. He was found during an unit formidable in Lombard though took off in a stolen Dodge. Officers maneuvered to box him in, though he struck a parked automobile and an clandestine military automobile and got away.

He proceeded down a Eisenhower Expressway, attempted to highjack a automobile by sharpened a driver, and was eventually shot by military officers. Lewis was bleeding in a left shoulder. Officers private him from a automobile and arrested him.

Goudy was arrested on Apr 26; after a standdown with SWAT, he came out on his own.

Written by Cathy Milne-Ware

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