Flooding in a Midwest Is Causing Dams to Fail


Heavy rains and melting sleet are causing poignant flooding opposite a Midwest. One male is dead, and a flooding is melancholy a Nebraska dam and chief energy plant. The complicated rains and a melting snowpack are flooding waterways to ancestral levels.

On Thursday, Mar 14, 2019, a Nebraska rancher was killed after a tractor he was regulating to assistance a stranded engineer was carried divided by a inundate waters. The Omaha World-Herald reported that a occurrence occurred during Shell Creek nearby Columbus in eastern Nebraska.

On Friday, Mar 15, 2019, a apportionment of Union Dike in Valley, Nebraska, failed. It triggered a peep inundate emergency. Residents in a area were speedy to evacuate.

Ericson Dam in north-central Nebraska is now during a high risk of failing. The Cedar River is fortitude to rise, melancholy a fortitude of a dam.

Officials in Boone County, downstream from a dam, is also in risk of approaching failure, according to Boone County News.

Both agencies are waring residents in a area to find aloft ground.

A application association in Nebraska placed sandbags around a nucear energy plant threatened by a flooding, on Thursday, as a Missouri River continues to rise, according to a Omaha World-Journal.

Spokesman for a Nebraska Public Power District, Mark Becker, pronounced in an talk with a journal that if a stream rises to 45.5 feet over a weekend, a Cooper Nuclear Station, that accounts for 35 percent of NPPD’s power, will have to be close down due to a flooding.

Becker settled that should a plant be close down, DPPD will be means to obtain energy elsewhere, and they do not design a closure to lead to outages.

On Thursday, DPPD mislaid a tiny electrical plant when a Spencer Dam unsuccessful during a Niobrara River. The unsuccessful dam caused a vast ice floe to jam a reason in a building. Workers inside a electrical plant were not injured. Additionally, a dam disaster forced an depletion of dozens of residents along a stream as flooding continues to be a threat.

On Thursday morning, a Know County Sheriff’s Office posted a notice on Facebook warning residents that a dam had been “compromised.”

The Nebraska State Patrol tweeted a sketch that showed a overpass on Highway 281 over a Niobrara River south of a dam cleared away.

By Jeanette Smith


The Weather Channel: Nebraska Dam during ‘High Risk’ Of Failure, Nuclear Power Plant Threatened by Deadly, Historic Flooding

Image Courtesy of Kansas City District U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ Flickr Page – Creative Commons License


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