Georgia Schools COVID-19 Safety Measures Contrary to CDC Guidance


As Georgia schools ready to reopen, many relatives are disturbed about their children’s health. Considering that children underneath 12 can't get vaccinated and propagandize districts are not mandating masks, it is distinct since relatives are concerned. However, some propagandize districts are reversing their decisions and following CDC guidance, according to reports on Aug. 2, 2021.

Georgia’s Schools Vaccine and Health Guidelines

There are approximately 181 propagandize districts in a state of Georgia. Additionally, Georgia’s propagandize district’s COVID-19 reserve measures change depending on a county. So far, usually Atlanta Public Schools, Gwinnett County, and Dekalb County have done imperative manners for students and staff to wear masks. With start dates varying, a arriving propagandize year seems to be filled with doubt for relatives and students.


In further to a miss of open health guidelines, Georgia is struggling with a spike in COVID cases due to a Delta variant. As a result, some relatives who have teenagers and immature children have already vaccinated their teenage children in hopes of preventing their younger children from removing sick.

However, with a CDC stating that a Delta various can be transmitted from a vaccinated person, it is critical to remember a vaccine will strengthen a vaccinated people opposite apropos severely ill if they turn putrescent with a Delta variant. Still, it will not strengthen those who are unvaccinated. Wearing a facade and amicable enmity will assistance keep this form of delivery low.

Mask Pushback

Although many relatives are anticipating assent in carrying students and staff wear masks and removing vaccinated, some relatives are not happy about a change. In fact, Georgia’s propagandize COVID-19 reserve measures are dangerous due to some of this pushback since some relatives trust a state’s schools should not embody students being forced to wear masks. The existence is that students should continue to wear masks and immunize to strengthen themselves and their families from COVID-19.

Written by Reginae Echols
Edited by Cathy Milne-Ware


CNN: What Georgia schools are doing as students lapse to classrooms with Covid cases rising; by Dakin Andone

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