iPhone Factory Workers in China Protesting Conditions

Courtesy of Jamie Davies (Flickr CC0)

Workers at an iPhone manufacturing company known as Foxconn, in Zhengzhou, China, have broken into protests against the country’s harsh COVID-19 rules. The protests were happening this Wednesday morning.

Foxconn is one of the biggest iPhone manufacturing plants. They are one of the biggest suppliers of iPhones in the world, having around 200,000 employees.

The iPhone Worker’s Protest

Courtesy of Toshiyuki IMAI (Flickr CC0)

Earlier this month, Chinese authorities announced that they would impose a single-loop system due to a recent COVID-19 surge. Originally when workers found out about the increase in infection, there was lots of panic and many people fled the factory.

This new system however forced workers to stay on-site in order to prevent further spread. The company tried to lure in new workers and those who did not leave, by promising bonuses.

There have been many videos showing the violence during this protest. These workers were marching while being confronted by those in hazmat suits and riot police. Some videos and live streams show the violence being inflicted upon protesters.

Within the audio, you can hear many comments coming from the workers including that their promised incentives were delayed. One main comment heard was “Give us our pay!”

The footage shows police kicking and hitting a protester with clubs after he grabbed a pole that he was previously hit with. There were also additional videos showing the workers spraying fire extinguishers toward the police.

Foxconn has made a statement in regard to the protests saying that they fulfilled all their promises and contract payments. Additionally, they denied the statement that the infected staff was also on the campus along with other workers. Regarding the violence at the protest, Foxconn said they will continue to work with government officials and employees to better their communication and prevent anything like this from happening again.

Written By Alyssa Calderon


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