Joye Hummel Author and ‘Wonder Woman’ Ghostwriter Dies during 97


Joye Hummel, American author, and a initial lady to anonymously ghostwrite for “Wonder Woman” comics died during a age of 97. She died in her Winter Haven, Florida home on Apr 5, 2021.

Hummel was innate on Apr 4, 1924, in New York to Mavis and Nathan Meyer. At a age of six, her relatives were divorced. Later on, her mom married Quentin Hummel. He adopted a author giving her his final name.

HummelShe went to a Katherine Gibbs School in Manhattan, New York in 1944. Her instructor, William Moulton Marston, requested to accommodate with her after reading a letter she wrote on a take-home test. He sensitive her that he was tender by her skills and asked her to support him in scripting “Wonder Woman” comics. From 1944 to 1947, Hummel worked with Marston essay underneath a pseudonym Charles Moulton.

Hummel wrote during slightest 70 scripts for DC Comics. Her stories enclosed angel story characters like swift women and mermaids. After Marston died she stopped essay “Wonder Woman” stories. She did not conclude a reduction delicate turn a comic was holding after Marston’s death.

She donated papers relating to a work she did on “Wonder Woman” to a Dibner Library of a Smithsonian Institution in May 2014. Her name never seemed on any of her scripts for a Amazonian superhero. No one unequivocally knew about her work until Jill Lepore did a form on her in a book “The Secret History of Wonder Woman.”

According to Lepore’s book, Hummel removed Marston observant “You know that we wish women to feel they have a right to go out, to study, to find something they adore to do and get out in a universe and do it,” when he asked her to work with him. She was gay and dismayed by a offer.

Hummel upheld divided a day after she incited 97. Her genocide was reliable by her son Rob Murchison, however, he was uncertain about her accurate means of death. May she rest in peace.

Written by Sheena Robertson


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