Kevin Clark, ‘School of Rock’ Star, Life and Real Love Remembered


Kevin Clark, a 32-year-old actor that played a drummer in a film “School Of Rock” with Jack Black, was struck and killed final month, May 26, 2021, while roving his bicycle in a Avondale area of Chicago.

Police endorse that he was strike during around 1:20 a.m. in a 2600 retard of North Western Avenue by a 20-year-old lady in a Hyundai Sonata and found nearby Logan Boulevard. He was taken to Illinois Masonic Medical Center and conspicuous passed during 2:04 a.m. CT.

Clark, who grew adult in Highland Park, and lived in Lake View East, was a real-life musician who played in several bands. According to his mother, he began attack pots and pans during 3 years old. At 12, a crony took Clarkhim to an try-out for a film “School of Rock” with Jack Black, where he acquired a purpose of a dogmatic drummer, Freddy Jones, aka Spazzy McGee. Though he had never acted before, he once pronounced he got a pursuit since he could unequivocally play a drums.

Black settled on Instagram that he was “devastated and heartbroken” by a news of Kevin’s death. Giving his condolences to a family and a School of Rock cast, Black pronounced Clark was a “beautiful soul” who died approach too young.  He common that they had lots of memories together, including an unpretentious reunion in 2018, where Clark gave Black one of his shirts from his rope Dreadwolf and Black now put it on.

“School of Rock”  was his usually behaving role. His genuine adore was his music. He enjoyed personification to tiny crowds, was a member of a few bands, and was utterly good during what he did. His many new project, Jess Bess and a Intentions had the initial live uncover on Saturday, May 22, according to his mother, Allison Clark.

He only kind of shined. He took it on right away, though he never unequivocally acted afterward.

Although he might not have continued acting, song remained in his blood.

Written by Brenda Robinson
Edited by Cathy Milne-Ware


TVOM: Remembering Kevin Clark: School Of Rock Drummer Was 32; by Tom Foster
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