Kroc Center Chicago Celebrates 9 Years of ‘Doing a Most Good’

Kroc Center

The Salvation Army Kroc Center Chicago is celebrating 9 years in a West Pullman area. This beautiful, state-of-the-art facility, located during 1250 W. 119th Street, initial non-stop a doors roughly a decade ago. On Saturday, Jun 12, 2021, they commemorated their anniversary of “Doing a Most Good” in a neighborhood.

A Place You Should Know

What many people do not know about a Salvation Army (S.A.) is:

It is an general movement. It is an devout partial of a concept Christian church. Its summary is formed on a Bible, a method is encouraged by a adore of God and a goal is to evangelise a Gospel of Jesus Christ and to accommodate tellurian needs in His name yet discrimination.

Since a Salvation Army Kroc Center Chicago non-stop a doors, it has inspected and stayed loyal to a mission. It has served a village wholeheartedly in many facets. This investiture serves a whole family. There are mixed programs accessible for children of all ages, immature adults, men, women, and seniors.

Among a many activities and classes offering during a Kroc Center are:

  • Dance,
  • Boxing,
  • Swimming,
  • Piano,
  • Voice lessons,
  • Senior line dance,
  • Arts and crafts,
  • Pickleball,
  • Basketball,
  • Yoga,
  • Gospel aerobics,
  • Personal training,
  • After-school care,
  • Summer camp,
  • Bible class,
  • And a list goes continues.

A Place Of Transformation

This year, a thesis for a core is “Transformation.” The Salvation Army Kroc Center is a place where lives have been remade from a inside out. This is a place where anyone can come and try new things, file their skills, and be a partial of a transformation, not usually of themselves yet of a village in that they live. Major John says:

As we change, we get better. This impacts a people around us, that also impacts or community. It starts on a outward and afterwards eventually from a inside out when we start to share a good news and a gospel summary of Jesus Christ.

Great Places Are A Result Of Great Leadership

The Kroc Center has had a few leaders given they opened, yet for a past 3 years, it has been spearheaded by an overwhelming energetic duo, father and mother team, John and Johanna Pook. They any wear a title, “major.” They were graced with after 15 years of portion God in a Salvation Army.

The integrate motionless to offer a Lord by a ministries of a Salvation Army individually, yet God had a opposite devise for their future. Even yet they met before their method commitment, it was not until they were cadets in seminary propagandize that their courtship began.

Major John is creatively from England, and Major Jo, as she is affectionately called, is from Panama, that is in Central America. Although they come from dual apart tools of a world, God brought them together as one absolute force to lift out His will.

Two months after they were consecrated as officers of a Salvation Army, they were assimilated together in Holy Matrimony. “It was a whirlwind summer,” explained Major John. “We were commissioned, began new jobs, and changed into a new home. Some of a biggest things in life happened all in one summer. It has been an journey each day, he says, yet a good one.”

Since apropos officers, they have served in Omaha, Nebraska, and Illinois — Chicago Midway, Oak Brook, and now Kroc Center Chicago. This is how it works in a Salvation Army. “When we make that devotion as an officer, we are saying, Lord, use me. we will go wherever we send me. This is a mindset that we have had given responding to a call to offer a Lord in a Salvation Army,” Major Jo expressed.

An Awesome Addition

Kroc CenterWhen a cadet completes seminary school, their initial consecrated arrange is Lieutenant. In 2019, one year after John and Johanna were reserved to a Kroc Center Chicago, a Lord incited a “dynamic duo” into a “terrific trio” when he combined Lieutenant Shanell Johnson to a mix.

Lt. Shanell began her attribute with a S.A. as a proffer when she was in high school. As a volunteer, she had a good event to work in and knowledge roughly each area of a Corp.

Even yet she was amatory her proffer work in a S.A., God had something some-more for her to do. Shanell knew a Lord was job her to a larger work, yet she had doubts within herself. So, in 2017, she stopped dodging her destiny and surrendered to her call into a ministry.

This Spirit-filled, industrious lady continues to assistance make a Kroc Center a overwhelming place it is today. Not usually does Shanell support in a formulation and adaptation of a happenings during a Kroc Center, yet she can also be found priesthood a word of God during a Kroc Church a integrate of Sundays a month.

Celebrating 9 Years

Kroc CenterNine years of loyalty to a people, a ministry, and a community. These are 3 good reasons to celebrate. However, a devise is to go lowkey for a 9th year, yet not to omit it, so there will be a finish day of free, drop-in activities for a whole family on Friday, Jun 18; culminating activities honoring Juneteenth on Saturday; and a consummate of regard and ceremony on Sunday morning.

Scheduled events on Friday will concede a village to applaud a center’s success and knowledge a many smashing things that are offering as a opposite departments are showcased.

Saturday will prominence Juneteenth. “With all that has been function in a world, we wish to applaud a leisure of Black people. We wish to applaud a fact that a Kroc Center is here and that we are free,” says Major Jo.

Some Major Insight

The Kroc Center is a plcae where people can come and be a partial of a community. It is a core where strangers turn friends, friends turn family, and family creates community, and we are a community.

This core is a gift, a present to a people, a Southside, and indeed anyone. Kroc is a blessing from a Lord where folk can daub into their God-given potential, learn their gift, make a disproportion in a world, and eventually give excellence to God.

The S.A. Kroc Center is a protected breakwater where all can come and feel welcome, respected, accepted, and loved. The Southside/West Pullman area was sanctified with this pretentious distraction core 9 years ago. All are acquire to knowledge a mutation that takes place inside and turn a member of something great.

Written by Sharri Rogers
Edited by Sheena Robertson


Majors John and Johanna Pook: Interviewed Jun 1, 2021
Lieutenant Shanell Johnson: interviewed Jun 6, 2021
Salvation Army Kroc Center Chicago

Featured and Top Image Courtesy of Majors John and Johanna Pook – Used With Permission
First Inset Image Courtesy of Lieutenant Shanell Johnson – Used With Permission
Second Inset Image Courtesy of Bradley Baker – Used With Permission

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