Lindsay Lohan Says She Is Not a Lesbian Despite Samantha Ronson Relationship

LohanLindsay Lohan sat down for an talk with Wendy Williams. No doubt was off boundary to Williams.

Williams brought adult Lohan’s sexuality and asked if she would put herself in a intimately liquid category. Lohan immediately answered that she likes men.

Williams pulpy Lohan and discussed her attribute with Samantha Ronson. Lohan would not contend that she was LGBT and laughed observant that she was vital in LA during a time.

She continued by observant that her attribute with Ronson was not a bad thing, though she is not dating anybody during a moment.Lohan

Lohan pronounced that she does not have a male in her life, and she does not wish to be in a attribute during a moment. She is concentrating on her pursuit and likes it that way.

Adding she has good girlfriends, family, and people around her. She has had adequate relationships. She is happy to be alone and happy with herself. She believes when a attribute happens, it will happen, though will not demeanour for one.

Lohan was in a year-long attribute with Ronson that they were really open about. They attended events together, were photographed being regretful with any other, and have oral about their attribute openly.

Lohan concurred in 2008 that she and Ronson were dating. She was asked if she was bisexual, to that a singer responded that she does not like labels, though maybe she was.

In an talk with Us Weekly in 2012, after a dual had damaged up, Lohan pronounced that she and Ronson were in a critical attribute and were in love, though dual poisonous people can't be together. The dissection caused her heart to be broken.

In 2013 she pronounced in a Piers Morgan talk that she was really most in adore with Ronson, though was not bisexual. She pronounced she knew she was heterosexual. She done out before with girls and had a critical attribute with Ronson. She felt she only wanted to knowledge what it was like.

Written by Barbara Sobel


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