Los Angeles County Police Accuse Father of Beheading His Children [Video]

Los Angeles
Maurice Taylor Sr. — a personal tutor in California — has been arrested on Friday, Dec. 4, 2020. He was indicted of beheading his dual children — a 13-year-old daughter and a 12-year-old-son.

Gruesome Discovery in Los Angeles County California

According to a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, a children’s bodies were found inside of their home located in Lancaster. Authorities detected a hideous stage when they arrived during a home on a 45000 Block of Century Circle.

The children were found in apart rooms. Both suffered gash wounds and lacerations.

Los Angeles County military officers were responding to calls about a probable gas trickle during a time of a discovery. What they found instead was terrifying.

Los AngelesLos Angeles County officers found an adult womanlike and dual other children inside a home. They trust a womanlike is a mom of a victims. The additional children and a lady seemed to be protection as a Los Angeles deputies questioned them.

According to a Daily Mail, footage of a California man’s detain was expelled to them on Tuesday, Dec 8. In a video, Taylor is seen handcuffed to a bracket as they wheeled him out of a home.

Police officers settled that one adult had to be ecstatic to a sanatorium due to carrying “difficulty breathing.” It is misleading if that adult was Taylor.

What a Los Angeles Newspapers had to Say

The Los Angeles County male did not quarrel being arrested and was requisitioned during a Lancaster Police Station. He is being hold there with a bail of $4.2 million.

At this time it is misleading because Taylor killed his children. Police in California is still questioning a situation.

Taylor’s aptness clients told a Los Angeles Times they had been endangered for his well-being. His clients became endangered for their tutor when he unsuccessful to seem for sessions. They described a Californian as a “reliable” and “mellow” man.

One of Taylor’s clients Howard Kern — a author and profession — told a Los Angeles Times he had been operative with a aptness tutor for 7 years. He reported a gas trickle that lead a military to a horrific discovery.

I said: “I’m concerned”. We are endangered about a probable gas leak. There are 4 children and dual adults – and we’re endangered about their safety.

The mayor of Lancaster, R. Rex Parris, announced both children had been found decapitated. He serve described a occurrence as “brutal.”

The Scene during a Los Angeles County Home

At a stage of a crime — Lieutenant Brandon Dean told reporters about a Los Angeles Sheriff’s deputies nearing on a scene. According to Dean, there were no signs of a gas trickle when officers arrived. He serve settled that “the means of genocide from a dual people inside have anything to do with a gas leak.”

Taylor has been charged with dual transgression depends of child abuse underneath resources expected to means good corporeal damage or genocide and murder. If he is found guilty he could face adult to 57 years and 4 months adult to life in California State prison. He is due to seem in justice on Dec 21.

Los Angeles County Not a Only Ones Seeing a Rise in Domestic Violence

Since a arise of a COVID-19 pandemic, a United States has seen a arise in Domestic Violence cases. In Apr alone Los Angeles County reported saying a arise of 8 percent in cases. Authorities all opposite a Nation have speedy people to call 911 as shortly as they can to news anyone who might be in distress.

Non-citizens who are experiencing abuse can petition to turn a permanent proprietor by a Violence Against Women Act. There is even a “get pets to a protected place” module to support those who are in need — so they do not feel they have to stay in a conditions in sequence to keep their pets.

The National Domestic Violence hotline has advocates accessible 24/7 — over 200 languages accessible — during 1-800-799-7233. Those who are in need of evident assistance should call 911.

Written by Sheena Robertson


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