Meta (Formerly Facebook) Virtual Reality Jobs in Chicago


If you’re a follower in protracted reality, afterwards a city of Chicago competence be a place to work. The record is flourishing and there are copiousness of opportunities for people who wish work with it.

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Meta is a colonize of protracted existence technology.

Meta is a practical existence association headquartered in Silicon Valley. They’re one of a many innovative companies out there, and they’re looking for gifted people to join their team.

Meta was founded by Meron Gribetz, who has an considerable credentials in mechanism science. He graduated from NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering and went on to acquire his PhD from Columbia University. In 2012, he became meddlesome in protracted existence record and combined Meta as a approach to move this new middle into mainstream use among businesses and consumers alike.

In further to being formed in San Francisco’s Silicon Valley (if you’ve ever been there before), Meta also has offices in Chicago! If we live or are visiting that area soon, cruise requesting for one of these jobs during Meta today!

Meta VR Jobs In Chicago

Meta is employing for program engineers, product designers and prolongation managers, sales and operations.

To request for a VR pursuit with Meta in Chicago visit:

How to request for a VR pursuit with Meta in Chicago.

Check out a pursuit description.

Submit your focus online (or request in person).

Send in your resume and portfolio of work to a recruiter (if we want).

Where in Chicago is Meta employing for product designers and prolongation managers.

Meta is a association that creates Virtual Reality (VR) technologies, including a Meta 2 and a arriving Meta 3. You competence consider this would need them to be in Silicon Valley or something, though they have offices all over a world!

In Chicago they’re looking for product designers, prolongation managers and more. If you’re meddlesome in any of these positions or others during Meta let us know!

Are there Positions accessible on a sales and operations side in Chicago?

Meta is employing for a business growth manager, who will work with business to know their needs and support them in a pattern and doing of solutions. This chairman will also assistance to brand new markets that could advantage from a technology.

Meta is employing for a product manager, who will be obliged for defining, prioritizing and executing on product plan opposite all areas of Meta’s apartment of products. In this purpose we can pattern to be partial of an innovative group that works closely together on all aspects of product growth including ideation by execution.

Meta is employing for a business researcher with opportunities accessible in Chicago (IL), Palo Alto (CA) or Austin (TX). In this purpose you’ll work closely with a engineering teams to accumulate mandate from inner stakeholders as good as outmost clients and partners; investigate those mandate into actionable items; build programmed exam cases formed on these items; write transparent support describing any charge or story; conduct plan tasks from start to finish including re-planning when required due to changes via a march of development; make recommendations about how formula should be structured formed off knowledge gained by prior projects; yield estimates during weekly standups per how prolonged it will take until execution given existent resources (both time money); coordinate between mixed teams concerned in delivering any square so everybody stays on lane towards attack deadlines set onward by government during all times but sacrificing peculiarity standards set onward by association policy

If we adore practical reality, Chicago’s Meta competence be a place to work

Meta is a association that is during a forefront of protracted reality. They pattern and make headsets, program and other technologies that capacitate users to correlate with digital calm in their earthy world.

Meta’s products are designed for everybody from gamers to industrial workers, medical professionals to media producers – anyone who needs to correlate with digital calm in a genuine world. If we adore practical reality, Chicago’s Meta competence be a place to work!

As protracted existence takes off, Chicago does not wish to be left behind.

As protracted existence (AR) continues to grow in popularity, Chicago is operative tough to safeguard that it stays forward of a curve. After all, this city is famous as a heart for tech and innovation: It’s home to innovative companies like Meta and many other leaders in their fields—and it’s also a place where artistic minds can thrive. If you’re meddlesome in operative alongside associate innovators while formulating your possess impact on a tech world, afterwards this pursuit competence only be for you.


If you’re looking for a pursuit in practical existence and Chicago is where we wish to be, Meta competence be a place for you. With offices in Silicon Valley and New York City, as good as Chicago, Meta is employing product designers and prolongation managers to work remotely from anywhere in a world. If we have knowledge operative with protracted existence during companies such as Apple or Microsoft afterwards this pursuit could be ideal fit for someone like yourself!

Written by DiMarkco Chandler, Armon Evans, Almightyblessing, Jeffrey Ruiz, Austin Perez, Devonte Porter, Trevon brown

Sources: – Meta Launches Internal, External Hiring Spree for Virtual Reality

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