Negative Ions and NK Cells Concerning Cancer

negative ions

negative ions

Negative ions are believed to have health benefits, nonetheless usually a few studies have examined their effects on vital beings.

This study, conducted in 2004, sought to learn how water-generated disastrous ions worked in mice. Specifically with honour to earthy properties as good as immunologic and anti-tumor activity.

The control used electrically generated disastrous ions. Water-generated disastrous ions had a enlarged life, that significantly extended a cytotoxic activity of healthy torpedo cells and their activity.

Studies about disastrous ions began in a 1950s. Positive ions in a atmosphere were detected to act on a sensitive shaken activity and excite a nerves. On a other hand, disastrous ions acted on a parasympathetic shaken complement and loose a nerves.

There have been new advances in methodical techniques and systems enabling some-more severe and accurate comparisons between certain and disastrous ions. The benefaction investigate focused on a effects of disastrous ions on a vital being, in this case, mice.

Electrically generated disastrous ions are total in inlet by a electrical assign of lightning, eager energy, and ultraviolet light.

These sources of appetite means electrons to be liberated from atmosphere molecules. The liberated electrons mix with oxygen atoms to emanate atmosphere ions that are negatively charged.

Electrically generated disastrous ions liberate high-voltage electricity and renovate a particles in a atmosphere into negatively charged particles, such as ozone, oxygen radicals, nitrogen oxides, and sulfur oxides. Even dirt particles in a atmosphere turn negatively charged and belong to walls and other surfaces.

Water-generated disastrous ions are total by a magnetism of a H2O by a Lenard Effect. This materialisation occurs naturally around waterfalls and shores by a ocean. Water breaks adult into tiny droplets and electrons are organised on a aspect of tiny H2O droplets in a bipolar fashion. The electrons mix with oxygen molecules, that are abounding in a air. Negatively charged oxygen molecules mix with adult to 20 or 30 H2O molecules. These are called disastrous ion clusters.

Electrically generated disastrous ions were initial scientifically renowned from water-generated disastrous ions in 1998. Subsequent studies conducted by Ryushi et al. detected that electrically generated disastrous ions significantly increases diastolic blood pressure.

In a prior study, ongoing hit rash on a ears of mice was significantly softened by water-generated disastrous ions and significantly worsened by electrically generated disastrous ions in a indication of atopic dermatitis.

It was also detected that water-generated disastrous ions increasing a activity of healthy torpedo (NK) cells and enlarged presence significantly. However, electrically generated disastrous ions decreased a physique weight in mice significantly.

The mice were divided into 3 groups and they were unprotected to water-generated disastrous ions and electrically generated disastrous ions or purify air. After dual weeks, a mice were killed and a spleens were private to establish a residual activity of a NK cells.

The normal cytotoxic activity of a NK cells was 39.9 percent aloft in a mice unprotected to water-generated disastrous ions. The formula from a mice unprotected to electrically generated disastrous ions were identical to a control organisation during 15.4 percent.

Here is what this investigate found:

  • The lifetime of water-generated disastrous ions was longer than that of a electrically generated disastrous ions;
  • Mobility patterns were identical for ions generated from H2O by a disastrous ion generator and for ions in a atmosphere around a waterfall;
  • Electrically-generated disastrous ions were smaller than water-generated disastrous ions;
  • Water-generated disastrous ions are rhythmical by several H2O molecules and vast particles pierce slower, so remaining in a atmosphere longer;
  • Slower relocating particles are reduction expected to hit with other particles in a air;
  • Water-generated disastrous ions were fast in a atmosphere and exist for several mins after they were generated;
  • Electrically-generated disastrous ions left in seconds.

Scientists complicated a kinetics of inhaled water-generated disastrous ions and steam constructed by a required nebulizer. Both contained H-Thymidine. Only a rodent that inhaled a water-generated disastrous ions had H-Thymidine in their alveoli.

This suggests that water-generated disastrous ions in inhaled atmosphere strech a alveoli by a trachea and are engrossed by a blood when gas is exchanged.

Being unprotected to water-generated disastrous ions increases a disastrous charges in a brain.

Electrically-generated disastrous ions have a ability to catch dirt in a air. However, electrically-generated disastrous ions emanate ozone gas during a time of electrical discharge, that is unpropitious to health. It can intensify atopic rash and rouse adrenaline levels. Therefore, electrically-generated disastrous ions do some-more mistreat than good.

This is a initial investigate to inspect a attribute between bearing to water-generated disastrous ions and immunologic activation. This investigate focused on NK cells, that are large, granular lymphocytes that enclose many azurophilic granules in their cytoplasm.

It was reported that NK-cell activity in cancer patients was significantly reduce than in healthy people, and decreased with a course of a clinical theatre of cancer. Although it has been found that water-generated disastrous ions boost NK-cell activity, however, it is not transparent that resource to use.

The investigate injected mice with a carcinogen, that caused a mice to rise carcenogenic nodules 60 days later. However, a instance of cancer was significantly reduce in a mice that were unprotected to water-generated disastrous ions.

Cancerous mice that were given a anti-tumor drug TS-1 and were unprotected to water-generate disastrous ions had a biggest results. The formula of a investigate suggested that water-generated disastrous ions stop expansion expansion and raise NK-cell activity in mice putrescent with cancer. TS-1 enlarged a presence in tumor-bearing mice, though when total with water-generated disastrous ions, enlarged life even more.

Additionally, a boost in physique weight was significantly larger in a mice that were given TS-1 and were unprotected to water-generated disastrous ions.

Water-generated ions live in a atmosphere for a enlarged time and they do not adversely impact a body, they also yield anti-tumor activity. As this investigate showed in mice a anti-tumor activity was proven by predicament of carcinogenesis,  termination of expansion growth, and alleviation of cachexia.

By Jeanette Vietti


Cancer Letters: Water-generated disastrous atmosphere ions NK dungeon and stop carcinogenesis in mice

Image Courtesy of OiMax’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License


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