Shooter withdrew her name from championship, after she was forced to wear HIJAB

One can't only force we to do anything in that we are not so ‘comfortable’.

But infrequently people only go a turn adult in commanding their perspective on others.

Well, something identical happened with an Indian Athlete, who finally motionless to repel herself from a championship as she believed that it was opposite a suggestion of a sports.

It has been reported that an Indian Shooter, Heena Sindhu, who was once universe series one shooter, was asked to wear HIJAB while her play during Asian Shooting Championship in Iran.

She rather than usurpation a ‘condition’, withdrew herself from a championship, observant that this is opposite a suggestion of sports and said: “one only can’t force any actor to wear anything, it’s totally adult to a comfort of player”.

Heena tweeted furiously expressing her views on twitter, clearing to her fans, because she had cold her name from a championship.

She mentioned clearly that ‘she respects each religion, though forcing any actor to follow their ‘condition’ is not something we can contend a right thing’.

As per as report, before this contest started, a Iranian management had sensitive about their ‘rules and condition’ for a actor and other staffs. And among several rules, one order states that ‘female players have to wear HIJAB while playing’.

However, here a engaging fact is, there are many Islamic countries in a world, though nonetheless no such news has come from another nation other than Iran.

Heena has finished something identical in a past as well, and that time also, it was a Islamic Republic of Iran.