Teen Wins Pulitzer for Filming George Floyd’s Murder on Phone [Graphic Video]


The immature lady who used her dungeon phone to film George Floyd’s detain and murder in Minneapolis on May 25, 2020, was respected with a Pulitzer Special Citations award, according to a proclamation on Jun 12, 2021.

Darnella Frazier was usually 17 when she videotaped Floyd’s life leave his body. On a one-year anniversary of his death, she wrote a tear-inducing post on Facebook. The immature lady described a thespian life changes she gifted due to his murder and her preference to request a event.

Frazier won a Pulitzer since it was her filming Floyd failing during a hands of Derek Chauvin that sensitive a universe of what happened. Before her video was released, a usually news came from a military circular titled, “Man Dies After Medical Incident During Police Investigation.”

In fewer than 200 words, a matter indicated a think physically resisted officers, and once in compliance, they “noted he seemed to be pang medical distress.” Then, a officers called for an ambulance to ride a think to a internal hospital, where he died.

PulitzerHer video sparked an general transformation to criticism secular injustice. The Pulitzer Prizes website reads Frazier was cited “for courageously recording a murder of Geroge Floyd, a video that spurred protests opposite military brutality, around a world, highlighting a essential purpose of adults in journalists’ query and justice.”

Frazier wrote: “Although this wasn’t a initial time I’ve seen a Black male get killed during that hands of a police, this was a initial time we witnessed it in front of me.” She combined that she did not know him though knew his life mattered.

She is unapproachable that her video and testimony helped crook Floyd’s torpedo — they “put his killer divided and off a streets.”

People have labeled a Pulitzer leader as a favourite — she discharged a idea observant she was in a right place during a right time. But, on a other hand, some competence contend she was accurately where she was ostensible to be doing accurately as she should — request Floyd pleading for his life, great out for his mama, revelation officers he could not breathe, afterwards sketch his final exhale as his physique grew limp.

Frazier joins many important Pulitzer Special Citation recipients; Ida B. Wells, 2020, “for her superb and confidant stating on a horrific and infamous assault opposite African Americans during a epoch of lynching;” a Capital Gazette in Annapolis, Maryland, 2019, “for their confidant response to a largest murdering of reporters in U.S. story in their newsroom on Jun 28, 2018;” and Aretha Franklin, 2019, “for her memorable grant to American song and enlightenment for some-more than 5 decades.” The Pulitzer website offers a extensive list of endowment recipients by a years.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune was presented with violation news stating Pulitzer endowment for a coverage of Floyd’s murder and a aftermath, reports Fox 4 News.

In further to a Pulitzer Citation, she was presented with a PEN/Benenson Courage Award final year. PEN America is a nonprofit classification that works to urge and applaud giveaway countenance in a United States and worldwide by a enrichment of novel and tellurian rights.

When she was given a award, PEN America CEO Suzanne Nossel said:

With zero some-more than a cellphone and perfect guts, Darnella altered a march of story in this country, sparking a confidant transformation perfectionist an finish to systemic anti-Black injustice and assault during a hands of police.

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Written by Cathy Milne-Ware


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