‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ Is Getting a Sequel


Disney Publishing has hired Shea Ernshaw to write a new Young Adult novel for “The Nightmare Before Christmas” sequel. According to Comicbook, a new novel is due to strike stands in Jul 2022.

The new “Nightmare Before Christmas” novel is going to be formed on Sally’s perspective. According to Ernshaw, a book will start shortly after her initial lick with a Pumpkin King — Jack Skellington — on Spiral Hill. Only now Sally is a Pumpkin Queen for Halloween Town.

Jack and Sally are now married in a new novel. According to Ernshaw, in a “New Nightmare Before Christmas,” Sally incidentally releases a poser knave into Halloween Town. This knave puts Halloween Town, other holiday-themed towns, and Jack into a film’s universe. It has even been settled there will be a new city listed.

NightmareErnshaw has also pronounced that a new book will be about Sally’s “coming-of-age story.” Fans will be means to how she navigates “her new stately pretension as a Pumpkin Queen of Halloween Town.” Ernshaw hopes that a new “Nightmare Before Christmas” novel will give fans a “second sip of” Jack, Sally, and all a normal “residents of Halloween Town.

The author also pronounced that a supplement will be “introducing a new expel of grim, bizarre characters.” Ernshaw hopes that fans suffer this new novel.

She serve settled that this new book will give abyss to Sally’s character. The same form of abyss that Jack’s impression perceived during a movie. “The Nightmare Before Christmas” focused on “Jack’s onslaught to know his identity.”

The book will uncover fans how Sally loves Jack and being a Pumpkin Queen. It will also assistance a fans entirely “understand how her past” has influenced her benefaction dreams, desires, and doubts.

So fans should keep a surveillance for a new “Nightmare Before Christmas” novel that is due to come out in a summer of 2022.

Written by Sheena Robertson


Comicbook: The Nightmare Before Christmas Is Getting a Sequel; by Jamie Lovett

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