USA POLITICS: ‘US Betrayal of Kurds an Attempt to Fix Troubled Relations With Turkey and Failed Syria Policy’

Syrian Kurdish militias will feel tricked and will expected align closer with Damascus, if Donald Trump indeed delivers on his pledge to Recep Tayyip Erdogan and “adjusts” US infantry support for a supposed Syrian Democratic Forces, experts have told RT. In a phone call with his Turkish reflection Friday, Trump briefed Erdogan on “pending adjustments for [US] infantry support supposing to a partners on a belligerent in Syria.” Turkish Foreign Minister, Mevlut Cavusoglu, who was benefaction during a call, pronounced Trump categorically betrothed to “not yield weapons to a YPG,” that Ankara considers a militant classification dependent with a Turkish Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).

But though support from Washington, Kurds are expected to find closer ties with Damascus to solve a Syria predicament and keep a country’s unity, inquisitive journalist, Rick Sterling told RT.

“What competence happen, is that they competence commend and start operative some-more closely with a Syrian government. Of course, they have never been fighting opposite a Syrian supervision forces. And we consider what competence occur here is that YPG will align and make it unequivocally transparent that they are not seeking a association or anything like that though they will be partial of a destiny Syria,” Sterling said.

Trump’s goal to backtrack on his support for a Kurds, experts believe, is partial of an try to “adjust” unwell US process on Syria, following a series of new tactful markers, achieved with Russia’s approach and energetic input. Earlier this week, Russian President Vladimir Putin hosted Syrian personality Bashar Assad in Sochi. He after convened a limit on a destiny of Syria with a leaders of Iran and Turkey, where all parties permitted an beginning to assemble an all-Syrian inhabitant dialogue. The developments in Syria were also discussed between Putin and Trump Tuesday, during a some-more than an hour-long phone conversation.

“What is function in Syria involves fundamentally a disaster of US unfamiliar policy. What we meant is that Washington had associated with a Saudis per subsidy eremite zealots. However, with a involvement of Russia, and Iran, and Hezbollah of Lebanon, these army degraded a supposed Islamic State, degraded a eremite zealots and therefore US process is now scrambling to try to find an choice to that unsuccessful policy,” historian Gerald Horne explained.

“The timing [of Trump-Erdogan phone call] is being driven by Russia’s purpose in seeking a fortitude and unequivocally creation a lot of swell in solution a conflict, bringing opposite parties together to a table,” Sterling forked out.

Sterling warned that some army in Washington do not wish assent to overcome in Syria. Furthermore, there is a possibility that Washington competence fan itself with Ankara’s infantry in Syria, who are strictly on a belligerent there to guard a Idlib de-escalation zone, one of 4 determined by Moscow, Ankara, and Tehran progressing this year. Erdogan, however, done small tip of a fact that Turkish army competence plea a Kurdish building of Afrin in northern Syria.

“There has been a lot of Turkish infantry going into Northern Syria, so it competence be that Washington will align some-more closely with Turkish infantry that will exclude to leave Syria,” Sterling said. “I consider what is going on in Washington is that there is doubt how to hoop a situation. There are army in Washington that wish to play a spoiler in this [achieving peace]. They don’t wish to see a fortitude to a conflict, and that is what is dangerous.”

Washington’s preference to behind divided from a YPG, that has been a core of a US-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), is zero reduction of a “betrayal,” experts told RT.

“The Kurds have been tricked many times in a past,” Sterling said. “They will not be astounded by this. And they have substantially been creation skeleton for some time that their patron, a United States, will desert them.”

“The Kurds are in a corner” following a Iraqi Kurdistan autonomy referendum in September, that informal powers and a US unsuccessful to recognize, Horne said. “If a Kurds are removing a tender deal, this will not be a initial time they have been traduced during a hands of Washington,” he added. He remarkable that following a Erdogan-Trump call, a “Kurds are unequivocally over a barrel.”

– RT

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