Wendy Williams’ Friends Are Helping Her Find a Rebound Man

WilliamsThe “Straight Shuter” podcast hosted by Rob Shutter pronounced that sources had told him that Williams friends are all perplexing to set a speak uncover horde adult on dates.

Williams’ friends and family wish Willimas to find a male to miscarry with after her subdivision from her father of 21 years Kevin Hunter.

Sources contend that Williams’ friends and business associates all know group who would be ideal for her and they are perplexing to offshoot her up.

Williams’ matrimony fell detached after it was reported that her father had a baby lady with his purported prolonged tenure mistress Sharina Hudson.

On Apr 10, 2019, Williams filed for divorce and kicked Hunter out of their New Jersey Home and dismissed him as executive writer from “The Wendy Williams Show.”

Sources contend Williams is not prepared to start dating again since she is sealed in a sour divorce battle.

The sources contend Williams is branch her concentration on her son 18-year-old Kevin Hunter Jr. She is also operative on her seriousness and focusing on her possess needs.

The source says when Williams does wish to start dating again, her friends and family will give her many options to select from.

Sources contend Williams has pronounced she is not certain if she would like to get married again. The source combined that it is too shortly to consider about anything like that, though she loves all a courtesy she is getting. After all those years with Hunter, she forgot what it feels like to be singular and sexy.

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