What is New England College Known For?

New England College, mostly shortened as NEC, is a private establishment with a sum undergraduate race of reduction than 2,000 students. This insinuate sourroundings allows New England College to yield any tyro with a personalized and singular training environment. Located in Henniker, New Hampshire, New England College is usually 20 mins divided from Concord, New Hampshire by automobile and 90 mins from Boston. This plcae offers an appealing mix of laid behind farming vital on campus total with easy to entrance cities and civic areas tighten by.

Founded in 1946, New England College is a magnanimous humanities propagandize that boasts a abounding story and endless array of probable majors and minors for undergraduate students. These majors operation from Business Administration and Criminal Justice to Creative Writing and Theater. Of course, there are many colleges and universities all over a United States that offer appealing options to intensity students, so what separates New England College from a rest? Let’s take a demeanour during what New England College is famous for.

The good outdoors

New England College prides itself on providing students with a genuine ambience of inlet and a extraordinary healthy landscapes that New Hampshire, and New England in general, have to offer. This importance on inlet and a outside is apparent as shortly as impending students set feet on New England College’s sprawling 200+ hactare campus, finish with relaxed and scenic walking trails featuring pleasing New England leaflet and a mill bridge. The Contoocook stream runs alongside New England College’s campus as well, creation for a truly lifelike campus and vital experience.

True New England vital wouldn’t be finish but a healthy sip of winter, and New England College does not defect in that regard. Pats Peak ski area is conveniently located tiny mins divided from NEC campus, and frequently offers discounts for college students in a area.

New England College also offers a accumulation of ways to take advantage of a school’s singular surroundings, one of that being a NEC Adventure Bound Club. Club members are prepared on a basis and ideals of outside living, such as correct initial assist practices, Leave No Trace ideals and ethics, and altogether forest preparedness. Freshmen can also opt into a forest trips course module that is dictated to deliver students to inlet and outside vital no matter their knowledge turn or background. These programs, total with singular majors such as Outdoor Education and Environmental Studies and Sustainability, are a vital reason because New England College is still growing after 70+ years.


New England College was named by TIME Magazine as one of a twenty 5 colleges in a United States that has seen a undergraduate tyro race variegate a many between 1990 and 2014. Diversity of expertise and students among colleges and universities in a United States has turn a prohibited symbol emanate over a past few years, and New England College has determined itself as a personality in a course towards a some-more different educational landscape in a United States. For example, in 2014, 3.1 percent of New England College’s tyro race were general students, no tiny attainment for a comparatively tiny magnanimous humanities school.

Year turn courses

New England College has unequivocally distant itself from other magnanimous humanities schools by charity an innovative educational calendar that includes 5 probable division choices per year. This allows students to save on fee and housing costs, and accelerate their education. It is probable for a New England College tyro to acquire an undergraduate grade in 3 years and a master’s grade in 4 years by holding advantage of this revised educational calendar.

This increasing coherence means that students don’t have to belong to a normal tumble and open division schedules that foreordain a lives of so many college students. Students also have an increasing event to suffer all 4 seasons while vital on NEC’s pleasing campus.