What to Do After Testing Positive for COVID-19

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COVID cases have left adult opposite Illinois in a final few months. As of Thursday, 19 counties in sum were during high-risk. Last week, there were usually 15 counties, according to a CDC. However, some areas in Chicago that were during high-risk final week have come down to a middle risk level.

Cases of COVID-19 sojourn determined via a state. Some health professionals suggest mask-wearing and holding other precautions to equivocate a virus.

For a people who have engaged COVID-19, there competence be countless questions and uncertainties. For example, how prolonged should they quarantine and when will they be wakeful that it is time for siege to end? Also, do they have to exam disastrous for COVID-19 to finish quarantine?

Answers to COVID-19 Questions

An particular with a COVID-19 pathogen is deliberate foul dual days before a certain exam but symptoms or dual days before to display symptoms, according to a Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

No matter what a symptoms are, people who exam certain for a COVID-19 pathogen are suggested to take certain measures of prevision for a smallest of 10 days.

Dr. Allison Arwady, Chicago Public Health Commissioner, pronounced during a live Facebook video if someone is diagnosed with a COVID-19 pathogen and is in a environment where they might be infectious, for a initial 5 days they need to besiege since they are means to widespread a pathogen to others during that time. After 5 days, they need to wear a facade outward for 6 to 10 days to forestall swelling COVID-19.

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People who might have come into hit with someone with a COVID-19 pathogen and are not vaccinated needs to isolate. Individuals who exam certain either they are vaccinated or not need to quarantine, according to a CDC.

The CDC also expresses that those who are COVID-19 certain need to stay home until it is protected to be around other people, including other home members.

It is endorsed by health officials to have a ill room and a apart lavatory in a home if possible. This decreases a odds of swelling a pathogen by a home.

Furthermore, siege is not usually for those who exam certain or who are exposed. It is also for those who are tentative a COVID-19 exam result. Even if they are uncertain if they have come into hit with a virus, they are still endorsed to besiege by a CDC.

When to End Isolation

Isolation can finish after a full 5 days if someone stays giveaway of a heat for 24 hours but regulating fever-reducing medicines. Also, other symptoms need to be improved. However, a detriment of smell and ambience might continue for months following recovery. That does not need to urge to finish isolation.

If a symptoms do not urge and a heat does continue for some-more than 5 days afterwards sojourn in isolation. Contact health professionals for concerns or questions.

Do not go to areas where masks can't be worn. For example, in gyms, and restaurants, and equivocate eating in others’ homes, around others during home, or during work for 10 days after a initial symptom.

Based on information from a CDC, day 0 is a initial day of COVID-19 symptoms. The 5 or some-more days start a day after a initial symptom. For those who are asymptomatic, day 0 is a day of a certain COVID-19 test. Also, for people who start removing symptoms after a certain test, afterwards a day 0 starts a day symptoms start.

What to Do in Quarantine

In suitability with CDC guidelines, those who quarantine are speedy to,

  • Monitor symptoms and go to a puncture room if dangerous warning signs develop.
  • Remain in a distant area from other members in a home if able.
  • Use a apart restroom if able.
  • Take stairs to fan a residence better.
  • Avoid hit with pets or domicile members.
  • Do not share personal equipment such as utensils, towels, and cups.
  • Wear a facade that fits good if wanting to be around others.

Testing for COVID-19 to finish quarantine is not a requirement. However, if people confirm to, afterwards they should usually exam after 24 hours of no heat and symptoms are improved.

Written by Marrissa Kay
Edited by Sheena Robertson


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